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Review in Wreckwatch Magazine

Just when we started to think the world had forgotten about The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure, our editor sends us a fantastic review in Wreckwatch Magazine. (Who knew there was such a magazine? I sure didn’t. But I’m glad there is!) “The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure is a wreck detective story with many twists, branching out into the art collecting […]

Vrouw Maria and the Lost Treasure of Catherine the Great

TODAY is the day that readers all over Finland finally get their long-awaited copies of The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure. Knowing the Finns, there are probably stampedes at the libraries and brawls in the bookstores. The book has a different publisher (Docendo), a different cover, and a different title (again). It translates as Vrouw Maria and the Lost […]

The Sunken Treasures of the Vrouw Maria

The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure is now available in the Netherlands! The Dutch book has a different publisher (Ambo Anthos uitgevers), a different cover AND a different title (and a different audience, so I guess that makes sense). The title is De verzonken kunstschatten van de Vrouw Maria, or The Sunken Treasures of the Vrouw Maria. […]