About the Book

Image of the cover of the book, The Tsarina's Lost Treasure

A riveting history and maritime adventure about the shipwreck Vrouw Maria and the priceless masterpieces destined for Catherine the Great.

On October 1771, a merchant ship out of Amsterdam, Vrouw Maria, crashed off the stormy Finnish coast, taking her historic cargo to the depths of the Baltic Sea. The vessel was delivering a dozen Dutch masterpiece paintings to Europe’s most voracious collector: Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. Among the lost treasures was The Nursery, an oak-paneled triptych by Leiden fine painter Gerrit Dou, Rembrandt’s most brilliant student and Holland’s first international superstar artist. Dou’s triptych was long the most beloved and most coveted painting of the Dutch Golden Age, and its loss in the shipwreck was mourned throughout the art world. 

The shipwreck Vrouw Maria became a maritime legend, confounding would-be salvagers for more than two hundred years. Finally, in July 1999, a daring Finnish wreck hunter found Vrouw Maria, upright on the sea floor and perfectly preserved. The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure masterfully recounts the fascinating tale of the Vrouw Maria—her loss and discovery—weaving together the rise and fall of the artist whose priceless masterpiece was the jewel of the wreckage.

In this riveting history and maritime adventure, Gerald Easter and Mara Vorhees bring to vivid life the personalities that drove (and are still driving) this compelling tale. The book evokes Robert Massie’s depiction of Russian high politics and culture, Simon Schama’s insights into Dutch Golden Age art history, Gary Kinder’s spirit of adventure  on the beguiling Archipelago Sea.