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Vrouw Maria and the Lost Treasure of Catherine the Great

TODAY is the day that readers all over Finland finally get their long-awaited copies of The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure. Knowing the Finns, there are probably stampedes at the libraries and brawls in the bookstores. The book has a different publisher (Docendo), a different cover, and a different title (again). It translates as Vrouw Maria and the Lost […]

The Sunken Treasures of the Vrouw Maria

The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure is now available in the Netherlands! The Dutch book has a different publisher (Ambo Anthos uitgevers), a different cover AND a different title (and a different audience, so I guess that makes sense). The title is De verzonken kunstschatten van de Vrouw Maria, or The Sunken Treasures of the Vrouw Maria. […]

Madame Gilflurt’s Excerpt from The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure

We have noted the popular fascination with Catherine the Great. While the Russian Empress may be among the trendier rulers from this period, historian Catherine Curzon points out that the Georgian era (1914-1837) was rife with “unique, eccentric and flamboyant monarchs.” And this is what she explores in her quirky website, Madame Gilflurt’s Guide to […]