Vrak Museum of Wrecks

The new maritime archeology museum finally opened in Stockholm – the long-awaited Vrak Museum of Wrecks. The museum is located in the Royal Djurgarden, a delightful island with a slew of parks and museums. In fact, it is located right next to the fabulous Vasa Museum, so a visitor might spend the whole day immersed in underwater adventures.

And yes, the Vrak Museum of Wrecks includes an exhibit about the Vrouw Maria. Here’s the quick blurb about the wreck that is on the museum website. But that’s just a teaser. As far as I understand, the museum exhibit features the latest and greatest in interactive 3D modeling. So it offers the most complete look you can get at the Vrouw Maria, short of diving down into the Baltic depths yourself.

By the way, the Vrak Museum of Wrecks is also utilizing our map—normally found in the endpapers of The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure—in their educational materials. So if you can’t make it to Stockholm right now, you know what the next best thing is, right? Reread The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure!